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mens sana in corporesano : « Un esprit sain dans un corps sain »

Object of the works: 
Progetto di Interior Design e ristrutturazione di un appartamento per civile abitazione

The customer turned to I.Co.Ge.R. with the request to optimize the flat to the demands with the least intervention, given that the flat was already respectably and functionally distributed, and already habitable.

The basic demands were: the design of a guest bath that, although important, was small in size, and an en suite bath for the master bedroom, with a spa area in view.

The design of the guest bath originates from the desire to provide the sensation, despite the use of prized lining, of being in front of a monolith dug with clear, precise cuts, while the bath also provided the welcoming sensation of Finnish saunas in wood, in contrast with the drawings of a wallpaper reminiscent of the decadent image of the frescoes in Roman baths, decaying over time, all joined to the essential nature of few objects resulting from the experimentation with materials of the large design houses.

Type of works: 
Design, presentation with rendering, loading and unloading systems, lining, floors, baths, lining, application of wallpaper, supply of furnishing elements and lining, and completion of bath.
Reggio Emilia
I.Co.Ge.R. technical office; managing architect Rossella D'Angelo
120 mq.