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Who we are

I.Co.Ge.R Restauri Engineering & General Contractor was founded on 04 February 2010, but its origins are far more remote: it is heir to other important individual enterprises that marked a long, fifty-year history of skill and passion. Active in the construction, the enterprises, when they merged in 2010, resulted in the birth of I.Co.Ge.R. A past rich in history, traditions, and success is the Group’s strength today.

Our guiding value is our pursuit of perfection, passion for excellence understood as love for beauty, a job well done; ethics understood as building long-term value through sustainability, transparency, and valuing people.

Guided by the passion for everything we do, it is our desire to satisfy all our stakeholders.


The “Turnkey” formula relieves the Customer of all operational and administrative concerns, allowing it to interface with a single interlocutor that deals with all the activities aimed at carrying out the project. Conception, financing, the necessary administrative process, relationships with local authorities, coordination of all the operative phases… only when our customer is fully satisfied do we consider our work done, while meeting the delivery deadlines. The entire integrated managerial approach keeps costs down while maximizing quality.
The dominant orientation of our projects is sustainability: energy, entropic, environmental, social, human and, last but not least, financial.


Starting from the work’s feasibility study which permits the proper assessment of the investment, the architectural as well as the technological and systems design is developed, as well as the interior design. The performance of the completed works, from setting up the work site to testing the systems, takes place through the work of qualified personnel with specific industry experience. The company has always interpreted the trends of a continuously changing society, translating them into new forms of hospitality. Every completed project is always the result of specific corporate objectives and images, and is designed to satisfy all the customer’s needs. Our team is capable of designing and developing a newly constructed product, but also to upgrade an existing structure.


For a complex design initiative, with a long duration and potential risks in achieving the pre-established objectives, to be successful, Project Management techniques and instruments are used, with the aid of Gantt and Pert charts:
- the former highlights the fractions of time of the project’s phases;
- the latter describes the relationships of logical precedence and temporal succession between the project’s different activities.
Our team devotes great attention to the entire development process, guaranteeing a job done in a workmanlike fashion, through continuous checks. I.Co.Ge.R. takes on complete responsibility for the work, as well as the execution of its individual parts, adapting from time to time to the Customer’s needs.