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I.Co.Ge.R. Design & General Contractor

The company was born with the statutory characteristics of “Engineering Design & General Contractor” to offer an integrated service of the entire productive process of civil and architectural works, from conceiving the design, to financing, to carrying out and delivering the entire work with the "Turnkey" formula. I.Co.Ge.R. has obtained major quality certifications, such as ISO 9000, and the certificate of qualification to perform public works – SOA. The company is able to work elsewhere in the world, carrying out the most ambitious projects for its customers. We are the ideal partner for those who wish to place their trust in a single interlocutor.

What we do

From this standpoint, I.Co.Ge.R. General Contractor aims to be the Customer’s partner, working alongside it from the initial phase until the opening of the facility and the start-up of the entire work, providing a set of professional resources serving as the Customer’s "sole interlocutor" and its own Technicians/Designers to carry out the design with the “Turnkey” formula, thereby guaranteeing:

  • Quality of the work;

  • Certain development times;

  • Certain costs;

  • Control over the design and executive phases;

  • Control over risks.

The conception, architecture, technology, systems, feasibility, financial programming, and the conception of time as an economic resource, are the bricks and tools we plan to integrate into the work’s entire production cycle.


Public and private construction, Tourism/Hotels, Spas/Wellness Centres, Conference rooms/Multipurpose facilities, Restaurants/Bars, Commercial, Residential, Sport facilities.

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