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Object of the works: 
Interior Design of a residential flat with Turnkey formula

Flat renovation design, garret level. The design proposed a flat with open space day area, three bedrooms, one of which with walk-in closet and two baths. I.Co.Ge.R. supervised its design thanks to the specialized personnel in its technical office, and worked alongside the customer in every choice, offering a turnkey package. The flat was delivered fully completed in all its parts, including acquiring and installing lining, painting, furniture, doors and windows. Moreover, at the customer’s request, I.Co.Ge.R. delivered the building including photovoltaic system, solar collectors, and home automation system to run the flat remotely.

Type of works: 
Design, Rendering, demolitions, underfloor heating and centralized air conditioning, plasterboard, lighting system and home automation system, plumbing, supply and installation of floors, lining and bath furnishing, supply and installation of custom-made furniture, doors and windows, photovoltaic system, sanitary water heating system not using solar collectors, building of glass door with decoration.
Via Vittorio Emanuele Nissoria (En)
I.Co.Ge.R. technical office
Works manager: 
Geom. Salvatore Gagliano
Work site manager: 
geom. Salvatore Gagliano
90 mq.
3 months