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Hotel Vittorio-Portopalo di Capopassero

Object of the works: 
Interior design and extraordinary renovation, through the reconfiguration of the ground floor and of a room on the first floor of Hotel Vittorio

The customer’s initial request aimed at a total restyling of the hotel facility, including the building of a storey above the first storey, in order to be able to insert suites with a sea view. The initial design, therefore, included the proposal to build an attic with 8 two-zone suites, with personal equipped veranda overlooking the sea and tub in room; of these, only two did not include the possibility of being used as a quadruple. For the first storey, a design was submitted that was suitable for implementing the average number of target utilities, with optimization of the use of the available area, while on the ground floor the arrangement of the hall and of the entire breakfast room area, with ancillary services, was wholly reconfigured, with the implementation of utilities and insertion of 6 extra bedrooms accessible from the hall, two of which with personal veranda overlooking the sea (unlike the design already in their possession, which proposed inserting 4 rooms with direct access from the breakfast room, and mandatory passage through it, accessing from the hall). The design, in accordance with the company’s goals, included execution costs and times, and included contract furniture in all its parts. After this initial phase, however, the customer rectified the requests, downsizing the intervention and requesting the renovation only of the ground floor and only of two rooms on the first storey; therefore, the design was reformulated in accordance with the new requests, and adapted to the new cost demands. The final design includes the building of a breakfast room reformulated in such a way as to maintain the services as much as possible in the same position of the condition they are in, so as to reduce the size of the project, with view on the sea, the introduction of 6 extra bedrooms accessible from the hall, and a hallway with single counter for the front office and for the bar, with a small, set-aside waiting area and a lounge area right at the entrance, both with sea view. All the rooms and the hall were treated with the contract furniture solution, including those on the first storey, and delivered complete with accessories of every kind, from the shower stall to the soap dish. The entire project was carried out by our technical office in all its parts, including the construction, cleaning, and thermographic diagnostics to verify the proper introduction into service. The hall and the breakfast room were designed with area lighting and built in accordance with a precise, well-planned lighting design depending on the sensations to be transmitted with the design of the plasterboard drop ceilings.

Type of works: 
Design, rendering, demolitions, supply and installation of flooring and lining, plasterboard, masonry works, finishing and painting works, supply and installation of wallpaper, contract furniture (supply and installation of furnishing elements and sanitary facilities, supply and installation of bar equipment, building of furniture to measure), plumbing, climatization system, electrical system, installation of photovoltaic system, installation of lift, supply and installation of sanitary water heating system, supply and installation of doors and windows, design of the supply and building of lighting system.
Portopalo di Capo Passero, via Vittorio Emanuele 2/a
I.Co.Ge.R. technical office; Managing architect Rossella D'Angelo
Works manager: 
ing. Paolino Greco
Work site manager: 
geom. Salvatore Gagliano
1350 mq
4 months