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Dakhala Hotel Resort & Spa

Object of the works: 
Design and construction of a Hotel Resort & Spa in the city of Dakhala (Morocco)

5-star hotel reception facility with 62 bedrooms sleeping a total of 210 persons, subdivided as follows: 8 suites, 17 double bedrooms, 35 quadruple bedrooms, 2 De Luxe bedrooms; 1 80 m2 spa; 1 swimming pool; 1 conference room accommodating 113; Breakfast and restaurant room; Lounge Bar. At the Resort’s entrance, an artisinal furnishing element has been conceived, representing a wave lined with blue mosaics. This design element starts from the floor, and as it moves forward, it rises and functions as a support bench, and then descends back down to blend into the floor. The building has four storeys above ground, and each floor of the Resort will be characterized by a different nuance of colour, each representing an aspect of Dakhala, such as the desert, the sunset, the sea, waves, and materials.

CONCEPT: integration between the characteristics of the place and contemporary design.

Simplicity, use of the colours and of the local materials of the city of Dakhala, the inclusion of natural signs within the design and the union of these precious elements: these are the strong points of the design.

VISION: a sensory experience.

The Hotel Resort & Spa was designed to be the ideal place where friends/guests are to feel the meaning of Morocco’s hospitality and culture. Positioned above the Rio de Oro peninsula, the city is located on a natural harbour that enjoys the magic and the evocative atmosphere of the Sahara. Guests, the absolute focus, will be offered a complete, new travel experience, as they enjoy various emotions and sensation through such sensory experiences as: 

Olfactory emotions (aromatherapy): through the place’s scents; Music therapy: through music, guests can better realize the intra- and interpersonal integration of their stay; Vision: By inserting the colours of the city of Dakhala, with traditional furnishings (rugs, paintings, mosaics) revisited with a contemporary design; Taste: The lounge bar will be an ideal lobby for meeting and socializing, while savouring authentic Moroccan flavours; Touch: touching the fabrics and materials used will open the door to profound and visceral emotions for the guests.


Ground floor: 

Reception, Back office, Lounge Bar, Manager’s Office, Conference room accommodating 113, Restaurant/Breakfast room, Kitchen and equipment rooms. 

First storey: 

  • Total of 20 bedrooms sleeping 66, broken down as follows: 7 double bedrooms; 11 quadruple bedrooms; 2 Suites.

Second storey: 

  • Total of 20 bedrooms sleeping 66, broken down as follows: 7 double bedrooms; 11 quadruple bedrooms; 2 Suites.

Third storey:

  • Total of 14 bedrooms sleeping 46, broken down as follows: 2 double bedrooms; 8 quadruple bedrooms; 2 De Luxe bedrooms; 2 Suites.

Fourth storey:

  • Total of 8 bedrooms sleeping 30, broken down as follows: 1 double bedroom; 5 quadruple bedrooms; 2 Suites;
  • 80 m2 spa complete with massage booths, Turkish bath, herbal tea room, Salt room;
  • 45 m2 swimming pool furnished with Restaurant/Lounge Bar service.



Type of works: 
Design, rendering, building of the structure, curtain walls, paperboard partitions, floors, linings, works in iron, works in glass, interior and exterior doors and windows, marble, painting and varnishing and finishing works for interiors, insulation, waterproofing, technological systems (electrical, water/sanitary, climatization, fire-fighting, audio/video), photovoltaic system, system with solar panels for the production of sanitary hot water, mechanical systems (lifts), contract furniture with Turnkey formula.
Dakhala (Marocco)
I.Co.Ge.R. technical office
Works manager: 
I.Co.Ge.R. technical office
Work site manager: 
Geom. Salvatore Gagliano
18 months