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Restaurant and Lounge Bar "Time Taste" Safì ( Marocco )

Object of the works: 
Interior design and Turnkey construction of a restaurant/lounge bar

The design idea is born from the concept of time, from the profound meaning underlying the very idea of taking a break. Taking a break is not just relaxing, but is the interruption of any thing one was doing before going on a break. A break is a way to take time out for yourself or those around you.

The time to savour, the time to taste; take the time to taste, to savour time. And thus the project transformed the room into a tactile and visual path evoking flavours and scents. Each wall evokes a spice, and each citation corresponds to a true flavour. Each wall is assigned a flavour, an essence typical of the geographical area where it is located and of the cuisine of those places, closely linked to the use of spices: cinnamon, saffron, black pepper, honey, and chili pepper.

The interior bar’s counter evokes desert dunes, with a countertop in concrete and resined in such a way as to provide a raw effect, and with a front made with panels evoking the desert’s dunes.

On the other hand, the exterior LOUNGE BAR’s counter is fresh, all done in white concrete with wooden formwork that may be seen on the surface.

The large terrace on the level of the room – excessively large, dispersive, and sunlit – was partially covered by an openable gazebo system, both on the perimeter thanks to a disappearing glass system, and above, thanks to mechanized wings that, when rotating, open the horizontal partition almost completely, thus letting air in during the cooler hours and blocking it during the hotter hours. This makes it useable in winter as well. This environment, too, is equipped with an air conditioning system to provide cooling during the summer months.

Type of works: 
Design, rendering, demolitions, paperboard partitions, floors in wood and stoneware, lining, works in glass, interior and exterior doors and windows, plaster, technological systems, fire-fighting system, audio/video system, sanitary elements and taps and fittings, refinishing works, supply and installation of openable pergola, contract furniture, industrial kitchen, lamps.
City of Safì (Morocco )
Bureau technique I.Co.Ge.R Resp. arch. Rossella D'Angelo
Work site manager: 
Geom. Salvatore Gagliano
350 mq
12 months